Water and non carbonated drinks

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Market overview

Water & Non Carbonated Drinks

Esterform’s core business is the bottled water market. The sector bottles circa 2.6 billion litres in the UK and  continues to grow. Almost all of this is offered in PET, and has a market value of circa £2bn

The sector has both premium branded offerings and commodity own label products. Our range of preforms has allowed us to provide solutions to support our customers in all areas.

The need to provide increasingly light weight bottles has shaped bottle design. The addition of strengthening features such as ribs or other surface designs means that the same volume bottle can be blown from a lighter perform. Whilst not suitable for carbonated drinks, where the pressure within the bottle would invert any ribs, this technique has seen the weight of water and non-carbonated drinks reduce.

Originally supporting 28mm BPF, we have also developed our preform ranges to support this drive to reduce weight, with new shorter neck finishes for use with new lighter weight caps.

our recommended neck format

Recommended preform neck options

28mm BPF, PCO 1810, & 28mm PCO 1881

Ranges to suit a variety of filling and capping equipment

Our range of bottles includes those with the older BPF neck finish and the more up to date PCO 1810 and PCO 1881 neck designs. Each format works with readily available cap formats to provide a tamper evident closure.

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