Household, Toiletries and Personal Care

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Market Overview

Household, Toiletries & Personal Care

The non food bottle market is vast, with a wide variety of packaging formats. The hair care and toiletries sector alone account for circa 1bn units, with 300m units in PET. Much of the market is dominated by big brand owners. The type of products in the household sectors often directs the packaging material choice with some more aggressive bleach based products having to use HDPE.

PET is used in both premium personal care & bathroom products as well as household consumables such as hand washes, and washing up liquids. Surface cleaning products are a growth area for PET bottles, with an ever increasing array of trigger spray packs for targeted purposes.

Esterform’s capabilities, in both single stage production and “pro-shape” two stage production, mean we can offer exciting custom products and range of high quality standard containers. Where packaging design sets the product apart on shelf Esterform can excel at getting your consumers’ attention.

our recommended neck format

Recommended preform neck options

24mm & 28mm

At 24mm diameter we offer bottles with 24-410, and 24-415 neck finishes.

We have a larger diameter 28-410 with anti back off and features compatible with child resistant caps.

We also offer a Guala neck finish for custom projects.

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