Market Overview

Food Sector

The food sector has been using a variety of plastics for many years, offering a diverse range of opportunities for food packaging. Injection stretch blow moulded PET containers have presented a unique opportunity to present products with glass like clarity, but offering distinct advantages. The evolution of “squeezy” containers with dispensing caps has come to dominate the sauce and condiment sector taking over from traditional glass bottles and jars.

PET offers glass like clarity, combined with strength and flexibility. The material provides pack designers with the opportunity to create distinct shapes to convey brand and product identity, but with out the weight and bulk of glass. A 484ml jar when empty can weigh 200gms, a PET jar with the same capacity only 38gms. This contributes to reducing packaging waste, and more efficient distribution.

Esterform has successfully developed a range of standard PET Jars and containers, and has worked with new brands to create distinctive new packs, and with global product launches of innovative new products.

our recommended neck format

Recommended preform neck options

38mm Sp-400, & 63mm Ultra

Ranges to suit a variety of products

Our range of jars and containers includes those with a 38mm SP-400 neck finish and the wider 63mm Ultra  neck designs. Each format works with readily available standard closures and are designed  to accommodate induction heat seels for product freshness and tamper protection.


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