Market Sectors

Esterform supports client in a diverse range of industry areas

Food Sector

The food sector has been using a variety of plastics for many years, offering a diverse range of opportunities for food packaging. Injection stretch blow moulded PET containers have presented a unique opportunity to present products with glass like clarity, but offering distinct advantages. The evolution of “squeezy” containers with dispensing caps has come to dominate the sauce and condiment sector taking over from traditional glass bottles and jars.

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Household, Toiletries & Personal Care

The non food bottle market is vast, with a wide variety of packaging formats. The hair care and toiletries sector alone account for circa 1bn units, with 300m units in PET. Much of the market is dominated by big brand owners. The type of products in the household sectors often directs the packaging material choice with some more aggressive bleach based products having to use HDPE.

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Juices , Smoothies and Dairy

The UK juice and smoothies market has seen a 12%  increase in value per litre demonstrating the successful “premiumisation” of the sector in the last 5 years. Whilst total quantity consumed has fallen the quality and inventiveness of blends means the value of the sector is circa £1.7bn. 55% of juices sold are orange, and carton remains the most prevalent pack format. PET is associated with premium brands and currently delivers in excess of 20% the products on shelf.

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Carbonated Soft Drinks

The UK carbonated drinks sector has a value in excess of £9bn. Of the 6.3bn litres sold, approximately 50% are low calorie, and there is an emerging mid calorie sector. Approximately half of all the soft drinks sold are cola flavoured, and whilst alternatives such as cans still have a significant share of the sector, PET is the largest format with over 55% of packs offered in the material.

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Water & Non Carbonated Drinks

Esterform’s core business is the bottled water market. The sector bottles circa 2.6 billion litres in the UK and  continues to grow. Almost all of this is offered in PET, and has a market value of circa £2bn

The sector has both premium branded offerings and commodity own label products. Our range of preforms has allowed us to provide solutions to support our customers in all areas.

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