Case Study

Premium PET bottles for premium milk make a splash

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Most white milk in the UK is filled into HDPE poly bottles, with a simple twist-off cap. PET bottles are used for premium Jersey milk but as the bottles are produced on single stage equipment they are relatively expensive.

Our Solution

Esterform has number of preforms especially for dairy packs that fit the standard single start closures used in the sector. These proved perfect for the bottles required for Jersey milk.

In summary
  • Bottles fit the twist off closures already used by dairies for poly bottles of standard milk. The injection moulded neck of the bottles offers a perfect seal with the closures, and hence no leakers!
  • The two stage production process allows maximum flexibility of supply, even at the busiest times of the year. Preforms as well as bottles are available for customers.
  • Bottles are delivered bagged for maximum cleanliness.
  • The new bottles join Esterform’s existing range of PET bottles for flavoured milk.
  • Stylish packs in PET make the right impact on the shelf and work effectively at every point in the supply chain.

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