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Crystal Clear Solution for Premium South Downs

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South Downs Natural Mineral Water pride themselves on water of unrivalled purity, quality and taste. Their water is drawn from a naturally pressured Artisian well 420ft below the ground and filtered through the deep chalk layers of the South Downs, giving an incredibly pure, premium quality Natural Mineral Water that is naturally high in calcium and low in sodium.

Our objective was to work with South Downs and provide a PET bottle for their PET range that would encompass the quality and clarity of their water. The Twist bottle range reflects a crystalline look and enhances the product within.

South Downs Water Co. recently sponsored an event at Newbury Racecourse and Esterform were delighted to help with the supply of PET for the event. As South Downs Water Co continues to grow, both in their own South Downs brand and their bespoke branded ranges such as Newbury, we will be a close supporting supplier always ready to help with any new bottle design, or PET challenges they face.

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