Bespoke solutions

In addition to the extensive range of preforms and containers we can offer our own custom design proposals or help you to realise your own brand led, process led bespoke solution

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esterfrom_our-expertiseOur Expertise

PET is our business

In 1978, Esterform’s Tenbury Wells facility became the first European PET preform producer, with the first PET mineral water bottle produced shortly after. For as long as PET has been used in the beverage market, our team has been involved. For us it’s a way of life.

Our skills come from years of experience, training, and in some cases have been handed down father to son! We understand our material, and we know how to get more from our machines than the machine manufacturers.

We can design bespoke preforms to get the most value out of your process, or we can design containers from existing preforms that support your brand and supply chain. Your pack is not just a bottle or jar, it’s an integral part of what you offer your clients; how you present your brand; how you manufacture your product, and how you support your retail outlets.


Design department

A passion for precision
Responding to your brief



Responding to your brief

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, or are struggling with a blank piece of paper, we can help. Our designers can get the ball rolling with a few ideas, or we can refine existing concepts to suit your product and processes.

We can provide hand drawn concepts, fully dimensioned CAD drawings, and photo realistic images from the latest design software.





Your brand identity is forming

Our consultative process will shape your concepts into practical effective designs. The design team will work with you directly to understand best what you want to communicate to your customers, and advise on how best we can achieve that together.

We take great pride in seeing our clients’ products take shape, from the effective use of raw materials, to the presentation on shelf, our decades of experience will support your success.





Realising the potential

By now your project will have a lead engineer managing it. Our engineers can help you visualise the potential of your ideas, combining the branding ideas of you or your client. We can represent the finished component in 3d PDF, photorealistic or model form.

We will understand your product, how it will be processed and what is expected of it by your clients. Where appropriate our customer support engineers will have visited the process, and we will have established how the new container will integrate into the supply chain.





Brought to life

Scaling up from design to production can travel through the recommended pilot trials to final bulk production. Your project manager will liaise with our UK mould makers to produce pilot & manufacturing tools. They will oversee the introduction of the new components to our state of the art blow moulding machines, managing any trials both at Esterform, or your facilities.

Both the factory production and quality teams will be instrumental in in establishing specifications for your product. Once you have given your approval, our production and quality operatives will ensure the consistent quality standard that Esterform takes pride in



Project management

Controlling the detail

Our technical team are expert at initiating, planning,  controlling, and executing projects. We understand the commitment and resources that go towards a successful new product launch. You will be bringing together filling line production schedules, logistics and marketing, all focussed on your event. Professional project management by Esterform will dovetail into your grand plan.

We will adapt to any changes or learning’s from line trials, consulting on any decisions to be made. We will keep a track of each of the critical stages of the development, ensuring that agreed deadlines are adhered to.


Production equipment

We offer two different approaches, each with their own benefits

Described as single stage and two stage, both processes have specific advantages that make them suitable for different applications.

Single Stage

Injection & Blow Moulding as an integrated process

Our single stage equipment is perfectly suited to smaller neck sizes. We produce a variety of 24mm bottles for the personal care and toiletries market. The process sees the preform injection moulded, then immediately transferred within the machine to the blow moulding station. This process produces a high quality finish and is suitable for smaller production runs.

Two Stage

Injection and Blow Moulding processes separated

Our state of the art two stage equipment, first injection moulds a standard range of preforms, and then takes the most appropriate preform weight and shape to blow mould the required container as a second process. This system maximises the efficiencies of both processes and is particularly suitable for the larger scale production required by the food and beverage markets.