Hereford College awards Esterform “Employer of the Year 2016”

Esterform has been awarded “Employer of the Year for 2016” by Hereford College. The award is presented to the company offering greatest support to their apprenticeship program, taken from all types of industry across the Midlands and Wales.

Esterform was nominated for the award, based on the experiences of our apprentices over the last 3 years. The award is in recognition of the continuing emphasis Esterform puts on the development of staff. We hope in turn these apprentices will enhance the future development of the Esterform business. The award reflects the support shown by the company to the college by allowing them to gain full access to our place of business for assessments and appraisals. It also demonstrates the investment of time to support the individuals’ learning.

The attitude of our apprentices to their learning and standard of the work they produced has also been acknowledged with Carl Harris receiving an individual award for “Most Improved Apprentice of the Year 2016”. This is in recognition of the fact that not only has he successfully completed his apprenticeship but has helped mentor other individuals continuing the cycle of learning.

The Esterform team have invested a lot of personal time in the continuation of skills training, we firmly believe that ‘growing our own’ talent is the best way forward. We are delighted to received the award and are proud of our apprentices and in particular the award that Carl has received as an individual.