We create world-class PET
containers and preforms.

Providing a wide range “off-the-shelf” or bespoke design solutions.


How it all begins

Tackling that blank piece of paper….

Our design and technical team will help with the first stages of the creative process. We can take your blank sheet of paper and develop concepts to help you take the initial conceptual steps.


Ideas developed

Your brand identity is forming…

Our consultative process will shape your concepts into practical effective designs. From the effective use of raw materials, to the presentation on shelf, our decades of experience will support your success.


Visual concepts

Realising the potential…

Our designers and engineers can help you visualise the potential of your ideas, combining the branding ideas of you or your client. We can represent the finished product in 3d PDF, photorealistic or model form.


Brought to life

Esterform is proud to present….

The project team will manage tool construction, product manufacture and integration into the filling line, delivering an exciting new product to market.